Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dancing on the counter tops

Back in 2003 when Michael and I discovered the fabulous world of network marketing, we used to celebrate our success by dancing on tables and counter tops. A humorous way to express ourselves, however a feeling that is hard to explain. I remember this feeling because presently I have experienced the same joy and excitement in the last month to be exact.

Recently, I found another opportunity to create an additional stream of income in the home business arena. Back in May 2009 I discovered an amazing company made up of extraordinary people and amazing products to stand behind. An opportunity to grow to the max financially and personally! A company riding on a vision to change the world positively.

Today, Michael and I are once again dancing on counter tops celebrating a sale every day last week and building our team with new and powerful people! And in my complete state of gratitude and utmost happiness I could not help myself but to personally drive to the LifePath Unlimited corporate office (ironically enough, it is referred to as "The Kitchen") to turn my product orders in. You couldn't have wipe the grin off my face as I walked through the door waving my check in hand. And of course, with this amazing group of people, I was greeted by a corporate staff who was just as excited to celebrate my success for the week. "Get used to seeing my face, girls!", I said. I plan on visiting the corporate office a lot more to deliver orders and celebrate with like minded people. If the above wasn't enough to make a girl grateful, 2 of our new people have created their 1st $1000 paydays in their first week!

I mentioned to Michael this week that I am so grateful for the quantum shift that occurred in our lives that I could once again find a place/space where I can call HOME. I am having a blast! I am thriving!!! I am happy to share my insight on how to show you step-by-step the recipe I utilize to create these types of results. My primary goal is to have you "dancing on your counter tops" within your 1st 10 days!

To your success,

Leslie Hamburger


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Department Store Mentality

How is your week going? Have you taken a few minutes out of your
day yet to see why I am so fired up? I invited you a few days ago
to visit my new website & have a sneak peak. If you have not yet
done so, visit my website at

Understand, it is not what the outside of my website says. You
see, it is the grand tour you get the moment you fill out your
information and hit submit. From that point, I am going to take
you on a tour and show you everything about our business, from
products to the lucrative compensation plan.

Listen, I know you have been looking for the right opportunity. I
also know that when you visited one of our websites, you saw that
Michael & I have enjoyed a high level of success in our business.
Let me share a few things with you...

When Michael & I first started out on our path, we learned early on
the importance of building a strong foundation with our team. We
knew that the only way for us to accomplish this was for us to take
a very different approach than the marketplace. There are a ton of
people that will tell you the exact same thing. Please do not put
us in the same category. Why? The facts are simple & speak very
clearly - Over the past 6+ years, our team has achieved some of the
highest results in our industry. Our team's duplication rate is
off the charts. What does this mean to your bottom line? We have a
proven track record that can significantly improve your bottom line
& dramatically improve your net worth. We have earned more in a
single day than my best year as an employee of a Fortune 1000
company! That is a bold statement, I know.

I know there is a ton of other opportunities available today &
there is a ton to take in. We have seen just about everything out
there today! I know that when I began searching for this
opportunity, I had some very strict criteria. I required a company
that was not a start-up. I believe that in order for a company to
be successful long-term it has to have some stability. The last
thing I wanted to do was build a business only to have the company
dissolve right beneath me. In selecting a company, we only selected
a company that has international growth opportunity. With the
power of leveraging today's technology, we have built our company
on 5 continents so this requirement was more than a pipe-dream. I
also demanded a product line that has true inhearant value. I'm an
adult and the smoke and mirrors may work on my 2 year old. I've
been in this industry long enough to know that after a very short
while, the smoke and mirrors vanish and blow away. I also required
a product line that empowers people without the latest health &
wellness claims. If I want a healthy fruit drink or the latest
vitamin craze, I'll drink Michael's pomegranate juice in the
refrigerator or hit my local GNC store. I'm talking about products
that move people forward in life. Products that create sustainable
results in life. Period. I know when you were on our website, you
saw the lifestyle we enjoy. The company we represent had to be
able to provide us with a portable lifestyle that we can work from
anywhere. Our business is supported both on line & off. Michael
has been instrumental in assisting literally thousands of people
from around the world in transforming the way business is done. He
has created marketing systems for several businesses in different
market sectors revolutionize their companies sales force & your
opportunity to capitalize on this is vital.

When you are making your decision on what will assist you the
greatest, make sure you take into account who your mentor(s) will
be. Every real business available today will have company provided
training, without they would wither up like an arid garden in the
desert. You see the real game changer can be this, the person or team
you select has to be solid & teach you step-by-step the In's and
out's of our industry. We have this background and our results speak
volumes. This can very likely be the difference in creating the life
you desire vs. the life you settle for!

Now I know that the business I shared with you the other day may
not be the exact fit you are looking for. Here is the deal, take
the tour & write down all of your questions. I want you to call me
directly after you complete the entire tour. I am 100% committed
to getting every question answered for you. If this is a good fit,
great... we will move forward together. If it isn't I want to know
also. Just like when you walk into a jewelry store shopping for a
new watch... they have more than one model and one brand. We
operate our business utilizing the same model. We learned about
having multiple streams of income from top mentors like Bob Proctor
& we believe in multiple streams of income. With that being said,
we have more than one opportunity available. Let me show you a
business based model that has more than one company and more than
one product offering. When you call me, ask me about our "team
license" program. We have hand selected the top businesses
available in this sector today & you get to benefit & profit from
ALL of our offerings. I do not know of anyone elsewhere that has
invested in their team like we have! By joining our team with one
of our opportunities, you will place yourself in an unique position
within the entire industry.

A few areas we teach our team members are:
  • direct sales with a paid upfront business model that provides
    huge leverage
  • a self funded business system that creates multiple streams
    of income
  • list building & affiliate marketing to offset your marketing
  • the ability to sell ALL of our hand selected businesses
    with "team license"
Now if you were like us when we first started in 2003, we did not
know the first thing about marketing or lead generation, we will
personally mentor you through our weekly conference calls & live
team webinars! When we first started, were not on line for our 1st
18 months and still created a six-figure income through
"traditional" advertising. We never have made a list of our
friends and family & you will not have to either! We will show you
both personally and along with several specialized guest mentors
from all over the industry.

Enough from me... Go to and take the
tour. I look forward to speaking with you directly when you
complete the tour. My phone number is below.

To your success,

Leslie Hamburger


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The startling truth about the uncertain economy and your future.

You’ve probably noticed that we are in challenging economic times, and the forecast is for things to get worse before they get better. It seems that bad news about the economy is every where. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, and debt are at all time highs. Inflation is back with a vengeance, and people are feeling the pinch. Relative incomes, financial markets, and real estate are in the tank. Job security, pension plans and social security are all on shaky ground and the media is having a field day pointing out that everything that should be up is down and vice versa. The truth is that even in a bad economy there is always opportunity if you know where to look.

Here is some good news, you can decide to be part of the solution or part of the problem. The recession we are now in is actually fueling explosive growth in a few select businesses. Savvy professionals are taking advantage of this and so can you!

Fortunes are made by simply being in front of trends at the right time, and I’ll make it easy for you to find out how to position yourself to be one of the fortunate few. There are three kinds of people in the world; those that make it happen, those that watch it happen, and those that say “what the heck happened?”

If you are one of those that are ready to make it happen, then go to and register for a live, information packed webinar to give you the facts you need to make an important decision about your financial future and learn how to cash in on the hottest global business trends with our rapidly expanding global business system. You owe it to yourself to discover why our three-step formula racks up profits and practically guarantees success.

To Your Success,

Leslie Hamburger
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PS. For fastest service call me at the above number to schedule a consultation or address any question you may have.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Life is worth living!!!

As I relax here in my posh salon chair on this gorgeous Friday morning I sunny AZ......I think of six years ago one Friday afternoon on my lunch break (my then boyfriend) Michael showing up at my office in downtown Atlanta so handsome and adorable in his corporate suit and red bowtie to take me out on my 1 hour lunch break.

Today, that corporate suit hangs in my closet, along with all the others, where they have been retired for six years.

Michael found an amazing opportunity in Network Marketing which back in 2003 brought he and I both home to be our own boss and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. I am grateful for his vision and his passion to be an amazing man and leader for me and our beautiful daughter, as well as, for others. I am so stoked to be on this path with you!

So, today for lunch.....the sky is the limit! I will scoot out of the salon and spend as much time as I like enjoying a great meal and afternoon with my amazing family. This is what freedom is all about!

You too deserve a life of freedom.

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